Project Brief

Tina Davies is a Canadian brand passionate about elevating the art and industry of permanent makeup (PMU) and microblading. With Tina Davies products, success is at your fingertips! Tina Davies came to Trellis with website conversion issues that ultimately came down to the site’s design and lack of brand cohesion. Trellis brought in the branding experts at frank Collective to assist in the rebranding strategy for Tina Davies.

The teams used the pre-existing Prestige theme from Shopify as a foundational starting point, but then added new pages, content, and search filtering to optimize the sales process. Trellis also updated key developmental attributes to further improve conversion rates, whilst maintaining all third-party integrations and adding a few more.








tina davies makeup products page collection beautiful desktop nails
tina davies makeup mobile eyeliner pigments collection products
tina davies makeup desktop page our story


Trellis and Frank Collective worked to launch freshly designed online stores for the United States, Canada, EU, and UK markets. Not only did the teams update the design and flow of the site, but new product descriptions, blogs, thought leadership, and case studies were also added to complete the content structure. Developmental components like live chat, account management, sticky header, email subscription, and sitewide search were added by Trellis to further improve on the Shopify theme.

Trellis also ensured that all third-party integrations and technologies like Sezzle, Privy, Taxhero, Shiphero, and accessiBe were fully functional. The updated functionalities added to the site allow for an enhanced browsing experience which in turn encourages higher conversion. The Tina Davies story is now easily digestible and relatable permitting the brand to scale and grow as it should have been doing all along.


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