Our Maintenance Program

We’ve created a streamlined Maintenance Discovery process that allows our team to properly onboard onto your existing eCommerce infrastructure, identify opportunities for improvement and create an immediate roadmap prioritized around what will deliver your company the most value in the shortest time period.


You need someone that not only addresses the problems of today but helps you identify solutions for tomorrow. This requires a balance of creating immediate value while thinking about the long-term needs of your company.

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All sites are not created equal. You need qualified architecture professionals that understand where your business has been and more importantly, where it is going.

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Our team of experts will focus their attention on identifying opportunities for optimization across the entire spectrum of your eCommerce business. This is handled via a variety of auditing activities, each focused on a unique aspect of your business.

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Not sure what channel to invest your marketing dollars? We can help you select the best channels to optimize and grow with.

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We can help you with all things marketing from ad spend management to SEO and email marketing.

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Knowing how to integrate and leverage all your systems in a way that doesn't cause manual entry is critical for growth and success.

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Our first step in working together is ensuring that our team has access to all of the required items to support your business. Additionally, we want to have all of the proper communication and project management systems in place to effectively discuss and track key priorities for your team. 


DevOps Onboarding

Gaining access to any development-related systems including:

  • Access to 3rd-Party Integrations
  • Access/Configuration of Local/Staging/Testing/Production Environments
  • Access to eCommerce Platform Admin
  • Access/Configuration of Code Repository

Project Management Onboarding

Configuring all of the systems related to communications and project management:

  • JIRA
  • Slack
  • File Sharing

Marketing Onboarding

Gaining access to any marketing-related systems including:

  • Analytics Platforms
  • Tagging Platforms
  • Conversion Pixels
  • Email Marketing Platforms

Design Onboarding

Organizing any design-related materials including:

  • Access to Branding Collateral
  • Access to Asset Management System
  • Access to Design System Management Tooling


Technical Audit (Required)

The goal of the Technical Audit is to gain an in-depth understanding of your existing technology infrastructure and identify any issues related to security, data integrity, and overall performance

Details & Deliverables

  • Infrastructure Assessment: A review of infrastructure (i.e. server configuration) and associated costs.
  • Provisioning Assessment: A review of server provisioning profiles for production, staging, and local development environments.
      1. CI/CD Assessment: A review of current CI/CD process and automations.
  • Code Quality Assessment: A review of code quality, organization, and core code modifications based on development best practices.
  • Apps & Services Assessment: An inventory and analysis of the apps and services integrated into the website.
  • Security Assessment: A review of security best practices applied to the website.
  1. Written “Summary of Findings” Audit Report: A written report including a list of our findings and recommendations.
  2. Prioritization Matrix: A prioritization matrix including the estimated return (impact) of each recommendation and level-of-effort (cost and timeline) to implement.

Presentation of “Summary of Findings”: Upon completion of the “Summary of Findings” Audit Report, Trellis will schedule a call with important stakeholders from the client’s team and present the report.


Advanced Auditing (Optional)

Marketing Audit:
Starting at $3,500

The goal of our Marketing Audit is to identify opportunities for improving customer acquisition and retention across a variety of channels.

Performance Audit: Starting at $1,500

The goal of the Performance Audit is to establish a performance benchmark for your eCommerce website and identify any opportunities for improving load speed.

Operational Audit: Starting at $1,500

The goal of the Operational Audit is to gain a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental business process of your organization so that we can identify opportunities for streamlining or automation through technology.

Accessibility Audit: Starting at $1,000

The goal of the Accessibility Audit is to evaluate how our website meets ADA standards and any vulnerabilities you might have when it comes to accessibility. Past rulings and settlements point to WCAG 2.0, Level AA, as the accepted standard of web accessibility; any company that is striving to develop an accessible website should comply with this standard. Trellis recommends consulting a legal expert to determine the appropriate level of compliance for your organization.

Trellis will conduct an accessibility compliance audit for the client’s website. This audit will test the website for 38 success criteria as defined by WCAG 2.0 AA (25 for level A, 13 for level AA), and identify specific technical compliance issues which may exist throughout the website/application in a larger scope.




The final step in our Maintenance Discovery process is working to distill our findings from our various audits into clear and actionable work. While the majority of our clients come into these engagements with some degree of a ‘wishlist’, we’ve found that taking the time to prioritize those items, along with our own professional recommendations, provides the clearest path for how to invest your retainer with Trellis.

Our primary goal is to get at least one month’s worth, ideally three months, of requirements outlined in your JIRA project so that our team can maximize the use of your retainer on the items that will deliver the most immediate value. Your dedicated Account Strategist will lead this initial Roadmapping as well as any subsequent Roadmapping sessions to ensure your company’s goals are clearly communicated to our team and considered when planning our work.


Budget & Timeline

Our Maintenance Discovery process provides a comprehensive yet flexible start to our relationship together. Depending on the range of Auditing activities that make sense for your business, we can accelerate our timeline to implementation or extend your investment into identifying all possible areas for improving your business. 

Typically, we see that clients engaging in the full suite of Auditing activities should expect a 4 – 6-week Discovery process. Generally, clients should expect at least a 2 – 4-week Discovery process to cover the minimum Onboarding and Roadmapping activities required to prepare for our relationship together.


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