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Design reaches far beyond a good brand and pretty website. How a user interacts with a brand is whats important in both web and retail.


Trellis can help you optimize your content architecture so that your customers and prospects can easily get to where they need to on your site with a pleasant experience.

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We can optimize the user interface and user experience to maximize website traffic, conversions, and customer value. Our big picture approach allows us to plan the details with the overall company mission in mind.

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We can enhance and standardize your brand across all web properties you own. Stop confusing your customers with awkward web experiences and build a uniform style guide for the web.

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UI/UX Audit

We are experts in eCommerce and web design and can audit both the user interface and user experience to develop a plan to improve conversions and engagement. Reach out to us to schedule a free consultation regarding your design.

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A New Design Can Boost Conversions Instantly

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After running an e-commerce site for over a decade it was time to replatform to Shopify Plus. We needed a partner who could both advise us, and also do the complex customizations that we needed. We are so glad we found Trellis. They helped us with every aspect of the replatforming, from a branding facelift to selecting which apps to install., to vetting which 3rd party technology partners to choose, to programming know-how to help with the specific needs of our business. The team members at Trellis are kind, responsive, smart, and savvy. This may sound cliche but they really feel like an extension of our team.

Eli Gurock, Founder

Magic Beans

Magic Beans

A Full-Spectrum Design Methodology


A strong user experience and user interface are critical to the success of your website and business. Trellis designs around the needs of you and your customers for the complete experience.


Creating content for your website without a proper strategy will lead to poor results and wasted efforts. Trellis has strong expertise in content strategy and designs with effective content in mind.


Our technical expertise allows us to properly compensate for the technologies that run your business early in the design phase, ensuring that your website is completed on time and on your budget.

A Full-Spectrum Design Methodology

Designed to Convert

A beautiful website is great to look at, but if it does not convert visitors into meaningful business interactions such as an email form or eCommerce sales, it has no value to your company. Trellis has the user interface and user experience design skills to develop a highly effective website that converts website visitors into meaningful customers.


Let’s team up and build something great together