PERFORMANCE AUDIT: Starting at $3500

The goal of the UX Audit is to understand how your customers interact with your website and identify opportunities for increasing conversation through a more intuitive experience design.

Audit Planning

User Flow Analysis

Conversions Analysis


UX Auditing Services:

Audit Planning: Each page on your site has a different accessibility profile. We will create a list of template types which will be audited. We will also work with you to compile a list of up to three (3) additional CMS pages which we will audit, based on analytics data and relevance of the most visited pages.

User Flow Analysis: Review of any analytics data which is relevant to understanding user behaviors across the site.


Written “Summary of Findings” Audit Report:

A written report including a list of our findings and recommendations.


Prioritization Matrix

A prioritization matrix including the estimated return (impact) of each recommendation and level-of-effort (cost and timeline) to implement.


Presentation of “Summary of Findings”

Upon completion of the “Summary of Findings” Audit Report, Trellis will schedule a call with important stakeholders from the client’s team and present the report.