We Cover Every eCommerce Angle


Simply selling on one medium is no longer enough to succeed in today’s highly competitive world. We can help you build an Omni channel presence that allows you to sell on all device types, retail channels, online marketplaces and more.


You need a short, medium and long-term strategy if you want to consistently grow your eCommerce business. Trellis can help you put a strategy in place that will help you compete with mega retailers like Amazon.


Consumers want to find the product information they are looking for quickly as well as have trust in the website, they are potentially spending hundreds of not thousands of dollars on. Trellis can develop an effective for the user base you want to target.


Having a mobile first approach to your design, development and eCommerce strategy is critical to being competitive in the mobile dependant lifestyle we live in. Trellis has mastered the most advanced responsive framework, Foundation, to deliver a truly exceptional mobile first eCommerce experience.


Trellis can optimize your website for speed, conversions, and the user base you are looking to target. Consumers are looking for a personalized shipping experience and our Magento solution expertise can deliver such an online shopping.


Most businesses rely on many different software to streamline operations and stay competitive Trellis can integrate all necessary applications into your Magento store, such as your ERP, POS, CRM, and other systems.


Trellis was able to provide me a fast and accurate quote for a project that we executed on budget during our slow season, so we did not disrupt the busy season. We worked with Trellis and they provided the entire holistic solution on Magento Enterprise including discovery, design, data transfer, hosting, and post-launch support and improvements. We even added a customizer product feature post-launch! I highly recommend Trellis to execute your eCommerce project quickly and on budget!

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Director of Sales and eCommerce