We Understand B2B eCommerce


Trellis can help manufacturers optimize online operation to sell to distributors as well as sell directly to customers.


It is more important than ever for distributors to streamline operations through eCommerce online ordering.


Trellis can deliver an exceptional online experience allowing your customers to get the best prices possible.



ERP systems are often the backbone of most B2B companies. Without a connection to your eCommerce system in real time your cannot update customers when their orders have shipped, processed or about any other critical eCommerce information. Trellis can integrate with any ERP system in real time so that you can bridge the gap between your back office systems and online marketplace.


We have studies the many B2B eCommerce options in the market to help companies choose the best technology for their future. We can help you select from some of the leading B2B eCommerce options in the market.


Netsuite is a leading ERP platform that also has an effective eCommerce platform SuiteCommerce Advanced built on. This way you can have your ERP and eCommerce platform all unified together.

Holistic Solutioning

Having a product information management system to standardize your content across all different product types is essential for improving your sales reach. Trellis can help you think through the challenges of product data, shipping, integrations, payments, corporate accounts, request a quote, and much more.

  • Product Data Strategy
  • PIM Solutions
  • ERP Integrations
  • Payments
  • Shipping
  • Personalized Company Accounts
  • Request a Quote
  • Purchase Orders
  • Credit Limits
  • Freight Shipping
  • Multi-Warehouse
  • Sales Commission

Infor Magento 2 Integration

Trellis and Expertek have worked together to building the leading Magento 2 Infor integration that allows B2B companies to seamlessly sync customers, orders, products, shipments, and price data between Magento 2 and Infor via real time API's. We have followed Magento and Infor best practices to ensure we have built the leading connector solution on the market.

Infor Magento 2 Integration
Salsify Magento 2 Integration By Trellis

Salsify Magento 2 Integration By Trellis

Our Connector will seamlessly integrate your Salsify data with Magento 2 so that you no longer have to worry about manual product feeds or other manual work. Once installed and configured, you can easily update all product data in Magento via our connector with the click of a button. We have perfected this module over years of working with Magento and Salsify as partners of both solutions.