Project Brief

Hublogix is a very sophisticated multi-warehouse fulfillment automation solution. Hublogix can connect with all your fulfillment centers to automate the most efficient delivery of goods from your eCommerce store.

Hublogix has a very complicated software with a large roadmap of integrations and needs on the table. They needed a developer that could come in and make an immediate impact to relieve the backlog of development tasks they had.






hublogix ecommerce fulfillment
hublogix packages

"Trellis helped us speed up our product development by providing us with a high quality and affordable developer on site. The flexibility, quality, and affordability that Trellis provided us, helped us move forward quickly while we were investing in the long-term growth of our full-time development team. I highly recommend Trellis for any eCommerce or PHP related development."

- Steve Frechette

VP of Product


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