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Trellis and Growth Spark have officially merged together as of November 1st, 2018. Ross Beyeler, CEO of Growth Spark has been a friend and partner agency of Trellis for the past several years. As the two companies have evolved, it became clear that by combining forces they would be a much stronger agency with the ability to help both small and large companies with a diverse set of digital needs. Ross Beyeler will take the position of Chief Operating Officer filling a much-needed void in the growing Trellis business.

Trellis and Growth Spark are now equipped to service clients across strategy, design, development, quality assurance, integrations, hosting, and marketing across a variety of leading eCommerce and CMS platforms including Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, WordPress, CraftCMS, and much more. By providing a unique and unbiased view of the technology landscape, Trellis & Growth Spark can help clients find the right technology for their needs and long-term growth as opposed to just doing what the agency is best at.
growth . spark trellis combine forces

As the CEO of Trellis, I could not be more excited to progress with the amazing team at Growth Spark and the leadership of Ross Beyeler. They bring incredible experience and talent with them including key members Andy Thayer, Creative Director, and Justin Hiltz, Production Manager. As two of the best Shopify & eCommerce agencies out there, we feel confident that our combined forces will allow us to create some of the best eCommerce sites on the Internet. We feel passionate about our goal to help brands grow via eCommerce and build market share rather than lose market share to the elephant in the room, Amazon, and other top retailers like Walmart.
– Isaiah Bollinger

Over the past few years of having focused exclusively on the eCommerce industry, it’s been an absolute pleasure building a team of talented designers, developers and projects managers to serve our clients. As the industry has matured and newer, more exciting challenges emerged, we saw an incredible opportunity to team up with Trellis, long-time partners of ours, to create a full-service commerce agency ready to establish a new baseline of performance in this fast-growing space. We couldn’t be more excited about the opportunities that lie ahead of us and our clients.
– Ross Beyeler

Trellis will continue to invest heavily in improving its processes, culture, employee base, partnerships, and is even investing in a massive upgrade to its Boston-based headquarters with a new office space that will take effect March 1st, 2019. Prior to the merger, current projected growth would allow Trellis to be eligible for the Inc 5000 in 2019, so the excitement around our new potential growth and abilities as one unit is at an incredible level.
Currently, the plan is to keep the Growth Spark brand alive as a subsidiary of Trellis. The specifics of how the two brands will operate will evolve over time.

About Growth Spark:

Growth Spark helps e-commerce companies grow by building unique web experiences that convert visitors into customers. By implementing a leading eCommerce technology, Shopify, Growth Spark can streamline operations and use data to guide marketing decisions. Growth Spark is an award-winning, nationwide team that’s worked with startups, retailers and global enterprises including Bose, Cabbage Patch Kids, Johnny Cupcakes, Newbury Comics and any other leading brands.

About Trellis:

Trellis is a full-service eCommerce solution provider that specializes in implementing websites based on popular platforms like Magento, Shopify, WordPress, CraftCMS, BigCommerce, and much more. Our capabilities allow us to plan and design a solution that not only meets your specific goals and budget today but will also scale with you as you grow. Once a site is launched we stick side by side with our clients to help them improve the site and market the site to generate more customers.

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